Product Design Delight from Life Instyle 2010

Small business is beautiful and booming at the Melbourne trade show.

I hadn’t heard of Life Instyle until I picked up on a tweet from Ponoko user Melanie Gray Augustin. She posted a couple of photos of her Life Instyle trade show booth which incorporated red, lasercut felt flowers she made with Ponoko. The result was a Japanese-chic space with her Kimono Reincarnate jewelry line displayed on graphic, cherry tree branches.

I was really impressed with Augustin’s booth and decided to check out more photos from Melbourne’s Life Instyle trade show that just wrapped up yesterday. What a gorgeous event! All of the booths are so creative and inviting!

Photographer Claudio Oyarce took lots of great photos that are up on the Life Instyle blog. Some shots of my favorite products after the jump.



’nuff said.


Start the New Year Spinning

20 Dizzying Designs

It’s New Year’s Eve and heads will soon be spinning! So start the New Year with spirals, swirls, laser-cut loops and concentric circles. Twenty designs from fashion and jewelry to toys and tools after the jump.


Melanie Greenberg’s Jewelry of Entropy and Decay

Laser Cut Cell Growth and Rubber Never Looked So Good.
The first time I saw the Entropy 2 by Melanie Greenberg (pictured above) I was struck by the impact of what looked like some kind of sci-fi parasite around the neck of the wearer. I did a quick search and found her blog that had some sneek pics of other similar works along with a post about her use of Ponoko….

How to write a product description

Swissmiss had a moustache necklace on her blog the other day. That’s right a moustache necklace. That’s definitely a unique jewellery idea, so I had a look at some of the designers other stuff. The moustache necklace was designed by Melanie Faveau, who it seems has a quirky sense of humour. If you’re having trouble writing a description maybe these will help.


“Some people think that they’re sexy. Others whould say that they’re creepy. Me? Well, I just think that they’re the perfect way to express yourself! Seriously people, I think I’m losing it!”


“Maybe it’s not perfect, maybe it’s a little bit crazy sometimes, maybe it doesn’t make any sense most of the time — But, you know —Well, come on in! :)


“So, that’s it folks! We are all going to die in a painful and horrible way! Well, if you look at the news every night, it seems like the end of the world is near! So, you’re asking me: “What do we do now!? Please help us!” And I will tell you this: ” Who do you think I am? I don’t know! Go to work, pay your taxes and leave me alone!” LOL ;)

You can see more of Melanie Faveau designs and descriptions at supermarket.