3D printed exoskeletal support

Exo-Skeletons no longer mere sci-fiMagicArms 3D printed exoskeleton

In the realm of science fiction (Aliens, Halo, Iron Man, etc) exo-skeletal suits have long enabled humans to exert super human force and endure arduous conditions. But for Emma Lavelle, a young girl that was born with a condition called arthrogryposis – wearing a 3D printed external support structure is a reality to enable her to carry out everyday tasks that able bodied people would perhaps take for granted. (more…)


How would a class of 8-9 year olds re-design walkie-talkies?Artphones

The Artphones project was part of Bobby Genalo’s Masters thesis at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. His project looked at the maker as consumer with play as an educational tool to assist the design process. In Genalo’s research he sampled two groups, a class of children and a group of adults. In each group he encouraged novel creative thinking about what would be an interesting portable personal communications device. The school group’s ideas were realised with the help of a Makerbot Replicator. (more…)

3D printing community survey

Your chance to be a 3D printed statistic

What do we really know about 3D printing? Perhaps it’s time to find out what’s happening out there, and you have been invited to help put those juicy numbers together.

Backed by the P2P Foundation, Peer Production is currently running a survey with the goal of providing insights about 3D printing communities to the people who are actually doing the printing.

It’s only 20 questions long and can be completed in just a few minutes. So if you’ve dabbled a little in the world of 3D printing and would like to contribute, head over to the P2P Foundation survey where your experiences can be turned into numbers for the inspiration of the broader community.

The 3D printing community survey closes on May 15th, with results to be published soon after.

via Statistical Studies of Peer Production

Would you like vector engraving with your espresso?

Cafe in Tokyo serving up coffee and laser cutting!

laser-cutter fabcafe

Japan is the source of all that is weird, wacky and wonderful in integrating culture and technology. Since opening on the 7th of March, FabCafe in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo brings the world lattes with laser cutting! (more…)

Ceramic tiles printed with your images or patterns

A custom ceramic printing web service.

ImageSnap will print any digital image you provide onto the ceramic tile of your choice. They offer a variety of sizes in both glossy and matt finishes. You can order just one tile or order a large quantity at a discount. A single tile would be an unusual way to present a photo, or order a whole set with a custom pattern for your next home improvement project.

PotteryPrint: the new 3D printing iPad app for kids

With the right technology, 3D printing is child’s play.

PotteryPrint is a truly exciting new iPad app that lets children use a virtual pottery wheel to create completely unique works of art ready for 3d printing.

The PotteryPrint team is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter to take their prototype to deployment.

They’ve got 20 days and $10,000 to go. You can support the project for as little as $1, and they’ve got some great pledge rewards including a home-baked dozen of your favorite cookies!

I talked to Brian, Cameron and Shlok from PotteryPrint to find out more about this app, their inspiration behind the project, and their thoughts on the intersection of technology and childhood education.

First up, can a kid really use a 3D modeling app?
Kids can do amazing things if given the right tools, but until now the majority of 3D design software has been created using traditional CAD-based software which is often complex and takes some training to use effectively.

The amazing thing about tablets is that the touchscreen interface just clicks with kids. I (Cameron) have a two year old and four year old — both can easily navigate the family iPad: pointing at something comes far more naturally to children than using a mouse. The combination of touchscreen and the malleability of clay makes PotteryPrint immediately accessible to kids. It calls on something natural, something primitive. Your hands, making something.


Global Village Construction Set

Another wildly successful Kickstarter campaign: 10 days still remaining

We first came across Marcin Jakubowski’s incredible Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) back in April, following his well-received TED presentation. The concept of GVCS is one of those super-simple, too-good-to-be-true proposals that has real potential to change so many lives.

What is it all about? Imagine a modular, DIY, low-cost, open source, high-performance platform. One that makes it easy to fabricate all of the 50 different industrial machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization complete with modern comforts.

The aim of the GVCS is to lower the barriers to entry into farming, building, and manufacturing. Its a life-size lego set that can create entire economies…

Like all good farmers, Marcin and the guys from Open Source Ecology have certainly been busy.

Opening their project to the hands of the public with a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, things are looking good for the first set of prototypes that have been developed.

Click through for more information about the campaign, as well as a deeper look at the Global Village Construction Set.   (more…)

Ring and spaceship making apps for 3D printing

Design it online then print it.

Dolf Veenvliet, also known as macouno, created two making apps that lets you design a ring or spaceship online then immediately upload it to be 3D printed. The ring app uses a series of sliders to change various features, and the spaceship app randomly generates a ship based on your name.

Custom 3D printed glasses and sunglasses

Make Eyewear is trying to bring eyewear into the 21st century.

Make Eyewear is a recently launched company with the stated goal of creating “a new vision for modern eyewear.” I’m not sure if the pun was intended, but I appreciate the sentiment. They offer a selection of frame styles that you can customize by lens type, color, and size. I am particularly intrigued by the customized sizes since I have a hard time finding glasses to fit my enormous head.

In addition to their standard frame styles, you can also work with them to create a completely custom set of frames.

We previously mentioned another 3D printed glasses startup OYO Glasses. They are set to launch sometime this year.

Design and 3D print your own glasses!

Who needs laser eye surgery when there’s a new startup with custom 3D print glass frame service?

3d print oyo glasses

Glasses are, if nothing else, a geek status symbol – definitive proof that you’ve done enough all-nighters staring into textbooks, crafting code or generating geometry on computer screens to have blured your vision permanently. Anyone who’s spent time at the optometrist will know it’s tough to select the perfect pair of frames… Fortunately OYO’s 3d print app is set to appear in the cloud soon for a private beta test programme. (more…)