How to etch mirror acrylic

Laser etched impact made easy

As the Festive Season approaches and we become more and more enamoured with all things shiny, here are our tips on how to use laser etching for some serious impact on mirror acrylic.

People love the combination of crisp laser definition with the reflective sheen of mirror acrylic, and to create these effects there are a few key points to remember. The main one is that you’re not etching into the surface of the acrylic, but rather through the reflective coating on the rear of the material.

Another tip that may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it can sneak up on you – remember to reverse the artwork so that it reads correctly when viewed from the other side of the sheet.

For an informative collection of examples including vector and raster engraving, as well as different approaches to filling the etched designs, head over to the Ponoko Support Forums for the full scoop.

Ponoko presents: Laser Etched Mirror Acrylic

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Laser cut multiples

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #204

Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

Above are laser cut and powder coated steel bookends from Design Atelier Article.

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After the jump, bees, octopi, chess, and embroidery… (more…)

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Laser Cut Portable Chair

Put your tired legs up and relax in style

For Kyoto Institute of Technology student Ryo Kosaka, every leisurely bike ride should finish up with a relaxing cup of coffee. And what better way to put your feet up, than to bring along your own portable chair?

The laser cut plywood chair disassembles, with all the structural elements – including a bonus side table – neatly tucking away inside the seating surface for storage on a bike. Assembly instructions are etched onto the underside, making it quick and easy to pop together when you need to rest your legs and take in the view.

Click through for a neat little clip of the chair components being laser cut, and then put to good use out in the countryside.   (more…)

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How to make a laser cut greeting card

Send your loved ones a card they will genuinely cherish

The pleasure of giving a custom greeting card is something many of us lose touch with beyond our pre-school years, but it needn’t be that way and Ponoko is here to help mark those special moments.

This informative post from the Ponoko Support Forums walks through two examples of laser cut greeting cards, and adds further inspiration on ways to make the most of the cost effective (and also quite versatile) options for laser cut card in the Ponoko Materials Library.

With Ponoko’s last-chance holiday deadline almost upon us, there is still enough time to dazzle your loved ones with a laser cut masterpiece.

Remember the all-important first step of doing some ‘free prototyping’ at home by printing your design out at 1:1 scale. If it all looks right, then fire up your Personal Factory and send through a file for laser cutting before it’s too late!

via Ponoko Support Forums: How To Make A Laser Cut Greeting Card

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Laser cutting, not found

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #203

Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

Above is a laser cut felt coaster from The Little Factory.

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After the jump, a bag and a blazer… (more…)

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Laser Etched Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie becomes a tasty canvas for the Holidays

Bringing back a little history to the Thanksgiving celebration table, the guys at Quirky used their festive pumpkin pie as a canvas for a laser etched replica of the Mayflower.

“This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for pumpkin pie. We’re also thankful for the laser-cutting machine we used to burn the image of the Mayflower into our pumpkin pie.”

It’s educational, it’s artistic, and we assume it was also delicious.

For those of us who don’t have a laser cutter in the kitchen, consider this other option that can create a similar outcome. Fire up your Ponoko Personal Factory to laser cut a holiday-themed design from cardstock or acrylic, then use it as a stencil. Sprinkle over some sugar, chocolate, or perhaps sesame seeds to turn your own pie into a conversation piece that your guests will remember for more than just its flavor.

via Gizmodo

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Biggest Sale of the Year Starts Midnight Tonight

Biggest Sale of the Year Starts Black Friday, Ends Cyber Monday

This is it – our biggest sale for all of 2014.

Your chance to make something new, something a little crazy, or to stock up on your favorites.

You get 35% off the making cost of all laser cutting orders placed between 12:01am Black Friday and 11:59pm Cyber Monday.

To make it happen just enter this coupon code at checkout – VOAXD8 – within the next 4 days only.

Go wild.

Discount applied to making costs. Offer good November 28th – December 1st 2014. Not valid with Prime accounts.

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Laser cutting looking at you

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #202

Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

Above is a laser cut and etched birch work from Adam Rosenberg.

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After the jump, space ships, gorilla’s, shells, hangers… (more…)

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Laser Cut Terrarium inhabitants

Miniature wooden forest creatures liven up tiny landscapes

With the holiday season fast approaching and Ponoko’s laser cutting deadlines closing even faster, here is a very cute gift idea that can be whipped together quite quickly.

Terrariums have a whimsical otherwordly feel to them, whether they are dangling in antique glassware at your local hipster café or nestled in the corner the Science lab at school. Instructables user Jodi Lynns posted a tutorial on how to make mini terrariums complete with teeny little laser cut critters that help give a new narrative to these snapshots of the natural world.

The Instructable starts off with handy advice on how to prepare and maintain the terrarium itself, which can be quite useful if you’ve never done this kind of thing before. Laser cutting the forest creatures is a straightforward process – source images, create the simple vector artwork for laser cutting and then turn that patch of nature into a living storybook.

via Instructables

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Tuesday is the Early Deadline to Order Laser Cutting in Time for the Holidays

Early Deadline for Holiday Orders is November 25!

Need some laser cutting done and in your hands before the holidays?

Order by Tuesday to ensure in-time delivery without having to upgrade to faster making or shipping.

The final deadline for holiday orders is December 9th.

If you’ve got any questions about the timeframe of your order, just get in touch : )

Note: The holiday order deadline for 3D printing has passed.

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