MakerLab returns to Milan

Salone 2012 gets a DIY makeover

There is more to Milan than slick high-end design this April, and Berlin’s MakerLab are returning for another stint at the Public Design Festival with a special collaborative design project.

Setting up between April 1st to 15th at Art Kitchen Superground and then from 17th to 21st at Cascina Cuccagna, the multifunctional hub will feature 3D scanning, 3d printing, laser cutting as well as various low-tech manufacturing techniques.

Beyond the public demonstration, one of the goals of this year’s event is to engage in the design and construction of objects and tools for Un posto a Milano, a permanent meeting place that is being set up to highlight and preserve local culture, food and agricultural heritage.

It’s looking like the DIY efforts from MakerLab will once again provide a welcome contrast to the streams of shiny new objects being fussed over just down the road…

image thanks to Delfino Legnani

via Abitare

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The Crafting of Preserves

Ponoko getting its fingers into something sweet againFollowing the sugar-crazed stampede that was the success of the 2011 JamOff, the 2012 addition, organised by Ponoko’s Catherine FD, attracted even more participants.  This time around the public queued patiently to sample the long line of jams, and the icecream stick shanking was mostly avoided.  The range of jams and the resulting spectrum of colours was impressive: from the crowd favourite deep bordeaux plum& manuka to one of the delicate yellow lime marmalade.  The overall selection represented a delicious variety of berries and fruit.  Although apparently, bacon falls into nether category.  Yes, there was a bacon jam, much to the vocal horror of one unsuspecting vegetarian, and it was also one of the judges’ finalists.In Wellington, wherever the MIY outlook is celebrated, Ponoko is seldom far away.  For JamOff, Personal Factory unleashed itself mostly in form of prizes.  Once again the signature jam splatter red acrylic badges made an appearance, and the MC proudly announced that his and the judges’ were bigger than the participants’.

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3D Printing forum in Adelaide

3D Printing Forum: The Next Industrial Revolution?

The ‘3D Printing Forum: The Next Industrial Revolution?’ at The Science Exchange on the 20th of February 2012 in Adelaide, South Australia will have presentations by industry experts including Ponoko founder and CEO David ten Have on current happenings in the world of 3D printing. It is hosted by the Australian Network for Art and Technology. (more…)

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3D printing exhibition explores typographic history

Arkitypo: a 3D printed typographic exhibition

arkitypo exhibition

Arkitypo is an exploration of typographic history. From A to Z, each letter features a 3D printed letter specimen of a unique typeface that portrays a particular trait. The exhibition was created by London based design studio Johnson Banks in collaboration with Ravensbourne University. Video and more photos after the jump…


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Digifab fanatics, submit your work to the 2012 Acadia Conference in San Francisco

abstracts due 5 March 2012

Do you take digital fabrication so seriously that you should present at a conference about it?

Well now’s your chance. The theme of the 2012 Acadia Conference is Synthetic Digital Ecologies.

“The conference will highlight experimental research and projects that explore the reciprocity and synergy between bits and atoms, the digital and the physical, and between digital code and material logic.”

Acadia is looking for papers and projects from “architects, fabricators, engineers, media artists, technologists, hackers and others in related fields.” (I have a feeling about half the people I follow on twitter will be there.)

In addition to presentations, the conference will also host software workshops and an exhibition of curated projects.

The 2012 Acadia Conference takes place 18–21 October 2012 in San Francisco.

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Melbourne Mini Maker Faire is this Saturday!

The Makers are heading Down Under

Heading to Australia for the first time on Saturday, January 14th, Maker Faire is set to turn Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology into a DIY showcase.

It takes a certain quirky flair to stand out from the crowd in this environment, and you can be sure that with projects ranging from rockets to robots, DIY tech to engaging workshops and installations, there will be surprises in store for everyone.

Tinkerers, enthusiasts, hackers and specialist groups from across Australia are all heading down to Melbourne to share their own versions of the weird and wonderful creativity that Maker Faire has become known for.

When: Saturday, January 14th, 2012, 10 am to 4pm
Where: The Atrium, Swinburne University of Technology,
Hawthorn campus, 467 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, VIC, 3122

Head over to the Maker Faire Melbourne website to see a few profiles of Featured Makers; and although it is a free event, pre-registration has already sold out… so for those lucky ones who scored a ticket, have a great day at the Faire this weekend!

Maker Faire Melbourne

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Meetup recap: Talking prototyping and Kickstarter

November Bay Area Ponoko Meetup RecapStarting this past November, we have established a new format for Ponoko Bay Area Meetups. After relaxed conversation over drinks and nibbles we then kick into 4 short presentations on a theme.

November’s meetup was centered around prototyping, and as we were fortunate to have two speakers with hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns, the discussions looked into that as well.

I kicked off proceedings by discussing the prototyping process for my recent Rocket Ship Project – which you’re welcome to download all of the files for and make or elaborate upon yourself.

Ryo Chijiiwa told the story of how he designed and prototyped a small solar charger device, which he then put up on Kickstarter, where he raised over $30,000 for his first production run of the product. You can read more about his project and purchase one of his solar chargers at

Shandy Brown was next, passing around some of the exquisitely engraved hexes from his Boardcrafting project. He talked about the process behind developing the initial idea, developing the final design and then also having wild success raising funds on Kickstarter to optimize the product and begin shipping it – raising over $44,000.

Finally, Josh Reuss presented a wide variety of prototypes for the Sunburst Clock project he is currently working on. He talked about the key considerations necessary when approaching a product idea and his process for developing, refining and perfecting a design. I myself was so taken with his clocks I’ve now got one in my kitchen.

Our next Ponoko Bay Area Meetup will be held in February, and will focus on maker businesses and creative entrepreneurship – the challenges and rewards of making and selling products yourself. We’ve got two super exciting speakers already lined up, and are still looking for a couple more. If you’d like to join us, RSVP now! If you’re interested in speaking, please be sure and get in touch with us.

If you’re interested in hosting a Ponoko-supported meetup in your own city or town – register your interest on our Ponoko Meetup Everywhere page. If you work out a date and location, we’ll be happy to assist you in promoting the maker gathering and making it a successful event!

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On Site: Digital fabrication and mid-century seats at Graffiti Gone Global during Art Basel Miami Beach

CNC, NBA, and Eames

Earlier this month Miami was invaded by celebrities, gallerists, museum directors, designers, and lots of rich people for the 10th annual Art Basel Miami Beach.

This international contemporary art fair has spawned countless satellite fairs, events, launches, exhibitions, and parties. I stopped in Midtown Miami’s Design District to check out one them: Graffiti Gone Global.

Now in it’s fifth year, GGG was developed by restaurant entrepreneur Shimon Bokovza to celebrate urban culture.

The statement piece of the show was a cumulous cloud looking aluminum structure entitled ‘Labyrs Frisae’ by architect and designer Marc Fornes. Although I assume the 256 sheets of metal were CNC cut, the aesthetic is in line with what The Economist calls the “organic look” of 3D printed designs.


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Ponoko Bay Area meetup at TechShop on Friday!

Do you have other plans this Friday at 6pm? CANCEL THEM.

And come to the Ponoko Bay Area meetup this Friday at TechShop in San Francisco!

You can check out the serious equipment available at TechShop, play with material samples from Ponoko’s material catalog (including our new Super Fine White), chat David ten Have and other Ponoko peeps, and see what projects folks have been digifabbing up.

AND the first 20 people to arrive will receive a free cardboard rocket ship designed by Ponoko’s Community Manager, Josh Judkins.

We’ll also have mini-presentations on super cool projects:

Shandy Brown will talk about his Boardcrafting project on Kickstarter, which is literally over 5000% percent funded! Josh Reuss will chat about prototyping his modern Sunburst clock. And Josh J will tell you about the process behind designing and making that rocket ship.

But we need another speaker! If you’d like to share your prototyping experience or any digitally fabbed creation you’ve made, please get in touch.

RSVP for Ponoko Bay Area meetup Friday 18 November at 6pm.

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Ponoko CEO David ten Have to speak at this week’s World Conference on Mass Customization, Personalization, and Co-Creation

also known as #MCPC2011

The bi-annual MCPC conference will take place this week in San Francisco. This multi-day, multi-track conference attracts entrepreneurs, academics, designers, and top players in the burgeoning business-meets-tech field of mass customization / personalization / co-creation.

Business seminars will run through Nov 16—17, and a Research & Innovation conference will run through Nov 18—19.

Ponoko CEO David ten Have will be presenting his talk, Building the World’s Easiest Making System, on Wednesday afternoon as part of The Future of Mass Customization: The New Open Manufacturing System.

Other speakers include mass-co guru Frank Pillar; exec vp of Materialise, Wim Michiels; director of P&G’s Connect+Develop, Ashish Chatterjee; Quirky’s head of engineering, John Jacobsen; CEO of TechShop, Mark Hatch; Jeff & Bobby Beaver, the founders of Zazzle; and a bazillion other game-changers from CEOs of promising start-ups to successful VCs.

Registrations for the conference are still being accepted. But if you don’t have a corporate account to charge it to, you can follow the action on twitter: #mcpc2011

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