Soul of Barcelona in a laser cut TV

Las TV’s laser cut souvenir captures the feel of a city

How do you capture the soul of a city? When it comes to the dynamic metropolis of Barcelona, there are so many vibrant cultural elements to choose from.

The Las TV’s project came up with this cute little keepsake, which these Spaniards feel gives a snippet of daily life in their home town. Made from laser cut wood at Fab Lab Barcelona, the miniature retro-TV set has a nostalgic photo of the city on the screen, and at the push of a button it plays sounds recorded on the city streets.

So it is now possible to hold the soul of Barcelona in your hand, and rekindle fond memories of this unique urban landscape.

“Las TV’s seek to evoke an experience, share and exchange spaces, capture light, sound and time.”

Click through to see a few pics of the laser cut wooden TV sets being produced at Fab Lab.   (more…)

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Inspiration

Make your Mother’s Day with these gift ideas from your Personal Factory.

Bouquets are pretty, and gift cards are always appreciated – however – if you want to really dazzle Mom, think outside the “big box” and go with a creative and unique gift made by designers & artists right here at Ponoko. We’ve gathered some inspiration and gift ideas to get you on the right path:

For the the crafty mom, choose a gift that pays tribute to your mom’s favorite DIY hobby. The owl embroidery organizer from Girl on the Rocks is great for the mom who loves embroidery, needlepoint and cross stitch. The laser cut acrylic owl holds and separates each color of yarn being used for a project. Another awesome DIY embroidery project is this stitch panel from Kristen Doran Design, available in acrylic red wood veneer.

For the serious knitting enthusiast, the Electric Eel Wheel by Maurice Ribble is a clever electric spinning wheel making it great for easily spinning the fiber of your choice into yarn.

Personal ornamentation is often a popular option. Feathered White and Wood Pendants from iluxo are hand made with laser cut bamboo plywood and ivory acrylic, and go great with any wardrobe. Another creative bamboo accessory are the woodland inspired earrings from Pepper Sprouts.

Jewelry needs somewhere to be stored. When they aren’t putting out lab fires, the engineers over at Laboratory424 are hard at work inventing new & unique products like the Stow Dot. The Stow Dot is designed to hold all that small, stringy stuff on walls without all those bulky racks, hooks, and shelves. It measures only 1 inch, and can hold up to 1/2 lb . Plenty of gravity defying power for your mom’s necklaces, bracelets, earbuds, or similar.

While we’re talking about Mom, don’t forget about your mom’s mom. A picture frame, such as the Flower Photo Frame by BEDA Design Inc is the perfect for grandparents who love showing off their grandkids.

The best gift, however, is the one made by you, and we’re here to help facilitate the opportunity by providing FREE design files that you can download, customize and make with Ponoko. The Tulip Vase is designed to be flat packed and easily assembled with minimal components. All you need is a glass test tube to put water and flowers in and to give the vase structure, so no glue is required. If made from plywood or MDF, the parts can be painted, waxed or varnished, and there are a few finishing options for both US and NZ materials.

For the accompanying card, user our free files to make your own Mother’s Day lace card, or make a totally unique custom card by following our guide to making a laser cut greeting card.

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Laser cut cops and robbers

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #171

Above are two laser cut birch owl clocks from Pedromealha.

Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

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After the jump, lips, collars, queens, and guns… (more…)

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Open Source Laser Cut CT Scanner

Taking a DIY approach to high tech imaging

Providing the magical ability to scan not only the surface, but also to reveal details of the insides of an object, the CT (computed tomography) scanner has quite literally changed the way we see ourselves.

Modern CT scanners are frightfully expensive and are usually found in hospitals but Canadian-born Peter Jansen has built one himself out of laser cut wood.

“After seeing the cost for my CT scan, I decided it was time to try to build an open source desktop CT scanner for small objects, and to do it for much less than the cost of a single scan.”

With a design quite similar to the early commercial CT scanners, Peter’s device began as a quarter-scale laser cut acrylic version that he whipped up in a single day.

He then used this mockup to help refine the design, under the watchful gaze of a friendly house cat. (more…)

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Laser cut creatures

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #170

Above is a laser cut wood deer and mountain scene from Seek ‘n’ Find Comfort.

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After the jump, elephants, sunshine, tiki gods, type, and medabots…


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Prototyping robot legs with a laser cutter

OFFRobot design iterations resolved using laser cutting

Responding to the tempting possibilities posed by the Hack The Arduino Robot challenge, the OFFRobot is a neat little walker designed by John Rees from the UK.

He’s documented his development process and thoughts along the way, from design of the walking mechanism (including inspiration from Disney Research and the ever-impressive Strandbeest) through to various stages of laser cut and 3d printed leg assemblies.

One interesting point to note is that John’s prototyping went from laser cut cardboard in the early stages, on to laser cut plywood and then 3d printing which came into play once the design was more resolved.

With the deadline of the competition looming, he went back to laser cutting in acrylic for the final burst.

“I did more 3d printing. It gave me some great, really solid and light pieces but I left it too late to print everything, so I will revert to laser cutting once again!”

By ‘reverting’ back to laser cutting for the robot’s legs and gears, John was able to achieve reliable, accurate and tangible results really quickly. That’s one of the major advantages of laser cutting – the unrivalled speed and precision.

Here’s a look at how the OFFRobot mechanism works:

Read more at OFFRobot.

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A strange laser cut symmetry

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #169

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Above is a laser cut veneer and plastic butterfly brooch from Plastic Smith.

After the jump, dead  deer, wine coasters, sleeves, and mustache kisses… (more…)

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The Kyub MIDI keyboard hits Kickstarter

The Kyub offers a six-sided twist on the usual 2D keyboard

Meet the Kyub, a compact, fully programmable MIDI interface that provides a new way to compose, record and perform music.

The Kyub features 11 fully programmable feather-touch keypads that connect to any computer or synthesizer via USB. Inside, an accelerometer tracks the movement of the Kyub to control the volume of the notes played.

These features make the interface really responsive, however the truly amazing thing is the way the Kyub is played. Check out the Kickstarter video below to see the Kyub in action:

The Kyub is designed as a kit that can be assembled at home by just about anyone, using laser cut parts from Ponoko.

If you’re short on soldering skills, you can back the Kyub and get a fully assembled unit as a reward. The Kyub is made to be as open and maker-friendly as possible, any computer-based synthesizer can be used to work with the Kyub.

If all this has got you excited for some cubed-out synth action, head over to the Kyub Kickstarter page to support the project and help make the Kyub a reality.

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Giant laser cut cardboard velociraptor

Dinosaur costume roams the streets

Meet Felix. As you can tell from his gentle gaze, Felix is a friendly dinosaur and he loves to head out for a leisurely stroll.

Originally conceived (and worn) by Lisa Glover while exploring Industrial Origami as a part of her university studies, this jaw-dropping laser cut cardboard costume deservedly won her first place at a Halloween costume party in 2013.

The response to her 15 foot long wearable creation was so overwhelmingly positive that Lisa decided she had no option but to share it around. So she set out to re-engineer the jurassic costume into a form that is more manageable, and which is now the focus of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Eager, cashed-up backers can get their legs into a giant velociraptor suit of their own, but for the rest of us there are some neat smaller rewards on offer.

Watch Lisa and Felix out for a stroll, and discover more at KitRex or on Kickstarter.

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Laser cut love

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #168

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Above is a laser cut eco-plastic robot mobile from Das Wood.

After the jump, oranges, octopi, and invitations… (more…)

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