Five gorgeous Fashion & Textile posts from 2011

Best of the Blog 2011 – Fashion & Textiles

More and more designers have caught on to digital fabrication over the last year, and the trend is only going to continue. The mass customization aspect has not been fully exploited yet, but eventually everything we wear will probably be unique, as it once was when goods were all hand-made.

Here are five Fashion & Textile posts from 2011 that hint at what’s to come:

1. Surprisingly beautiful laser cut t-shirts

Designer Diana Eng created an amazing line of laser cut tees that are “pretty enough to wear to work”. Maybe someday the average boutique will have its own laser cutter, to make custom laser designs on-demand like a tattoo studio.


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CNC milled wooden high heels

Using digital fabrication to explore new forms for shoes.

These experimental shoes by designer Cat Potter were shaped from solid blocks of wood with a 3-axis CNC milling machine. Afterwards, metal hinges and closures were added to make the shoe functional. The digital files were made by DotSan.

From the designer:

Using wood in conjunction with milling machines has allowed me to explore shape without being restricted by traditional shoe components like insole boards, shanks or toe and heel puffs. Using a scanned 3D model of a last has allowed me to trace the silhouette form of the foot on the inside, diffusing its profile on the outside.


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50% 3D printed weaving loom

A designer and an engineer cooperate to make a traditional tool.

Technology seems to go full circle sometimes. This beautiful loom was designed by Chilean designer Mauricio Rojas and the plastic parts were 3D printed by Erwin Ried, an engineer, on his MakerBot. So this project is one of the oldest manufacturing technologies known to humanity made with one of the newest. I love the irony.

The project is a work in progress, and the digital files are available for download on Thingiverse.

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Small Business Stories: interview with jewelry designer Kimono Reincarnate

Retail Ready with Melanie Gray Augustin

To some people, creativity is as natural as breathing or the love of freshly baked bread. Being a creative mind or a pathologically hands-on designer is one [wonderful] thing.  However, creativity doesn’t always translate successfully to business savvy. Creativity often covets freedom and experimentation, but business demands discipline and focus.  Fortunately, there are still plenty of creative entrepreneurs to inspire those with a design vision to start their own business.

In the New Year we are starting a new feature that will focus on all things small business. Don’t worry; there will be none of that tedious business school textbook material.  As part of the small biz feature, we will bring you regular interviews with Ponoko Makers who rely on Personal Factory to create their line of products, be it household objects, jewelry, electronics enclosures or other made on demand goods.

As an extra dose of pre-holiday inspiration, we’re giving you a sneak peak at the interview series!

Meet Australian jewelry designer Melanie Gray Augustin.   Her label Kimono Reincarnate perfectly expresses her design style: modern handmade jewelry that features upcycled materials – inspired by traditional Japanese textiles and design.Read the full interview after the jump:


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Challenging the Uncanny by 3D printing prosthetics

Bespoke Innovations have introduced a paradigm shift in prosthetic limbs

Bespoke innovations

Scott Summit an industrial designer formed Bespoke Innovations with Kenneth Trauner, an orthopedic surgeon in order to affect positive change in the medical prosthetic industry using 3D printing & 3D scanning. Their focus was firmly on creating a positive user experience, through customisation. More images and video after the jump… (more…)

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Custom 3D printed glasses and sunglasses

Make Eyewear is trying to bring eyewear into the 21st century.

Make Eyewear is a recently launched company with the stated goal of creating “a new vision for modern eyewear.” I’m not sure if the pun was intended, but I appreciate the sentiment. They offer a selection of frame styles that you can customize by lens type, color, and size. I am particularly intrigued by the customized sizes since I have a hard time finding glasses to fit my enormous head.

In addition to their standard frame styles, you can also work with them to create a completely custom set of frames.

We previously mentioned another 3D printed glasses startup OYO Glasses. They are set to launch sometime this year.

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Fashion imitates life, imitates art, imitates fashion.

The creators of EVE Online lovingly recreate fashion model Rick Genest in gripping detail.

As far as I’ve seen this is a first. CCP Games has created a highly detailed digital faccimile of the captivating fashion model Rick Genest aka ZombieBoy.

The model will be animated into an interactive runway show from designer Nicola Formichetti for New York’s Fashion Week. Users will view the digital avatar strutting the catwalk on a 7ft screen and will have control over some incredibly detailed high resolution outfits.

This kind of news always gives me futurist chills, imagining the Blade Runner universe we might be living in soon. When you can download and pose representations of actual human fashion models, try your outfits on a virtual human, and have an interactive fly-by camera of the catwalk, the future must be here.

Via Twistedlamb.

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Laser cut fashion feature at Fashioning Tech

burning-edge style

Syuzi Pakhchyan, who runs the futuristic and electro-focused style blog Fashioning Tech, posted a round-up of laser cut fashions.

From lace-like, Converse high tops to skull-face tunics by Pleasure Principle, these 12 examples of laser cut fashion have plenty of street-cred and style.

P.S. You can laser cut your own designs in leather (and other materials) with Ponoko Personal Factory. Check out our fabric materials here.

via Fashioning Tech

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Design and 3D print your own glasses!

Who needs laser eye surgery when there’s a new startup with custom 3D print glass frame service?

3d print oyo glasses

Glasses are, if nothing else, a geek status symbol – definitive proof that you’ve done enough all-nighters staring into textbooks, crafting code or generating geometry on computer screens to have blured your vision permanently. Anyone who’s spent time at the optometrist will know it’s tough to select the perfect pair of frames… Fortunately OYO’s 3d print app is set to appear in the cloud soon for a private beta test programme. (more…)

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Surprisingly beautiful laser cut t-shirts

The simplest article of clothing is transformed into elegant fashion.

Fashion Designer Diana Eng (featured on Project Runway season 2) uses a laser cutter to elevate the simple t-shirt to elegant fashion. She says:

Distressed clothes are better known for tattered strings and frayed edges than precise cuts. But the accurate targeting of a laser cutter adds a layer of techie nuance to a technique more often associated with unkempt style.

These shirts are cotton, so the edges of the fabric does not fuse like synthetic fabric would. To combat this problem, Eng has treated the fabric to reduce fraying and to make them machine washable. Unfortunately for the rest of us (but understandably), she has kept the special treatment a trade secret.

Check out the rest of her work on her site. Her collection includes elements made with 3D printers, laser cutters, and digital fabric printers. Continue past the jump for more images.

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