Laser cut love

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #161

Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

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Above are laser cut bamboo wedding cake toppers from Cabin + Cub.

After the jump, foxes, buttons, bats, bow ties, and damask  … (more…)

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A laser cut hive mentality

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #156

Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

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Above is a laser cut rubber BOLERO HEX (jacket) and COLONY pencil skirt from Ego Assassin (may be NSFW).

After the Om, magpies, hands, guitars, moths, clocks… (more…)

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Showing personality with a hint of leather

Laser cut leather accessories to keep you looking sharp

If you’re out there struttin’ your stuff in the world of high fashion, there is a chance that you have seen some pretty fancy laser cut clothing and accessories on the catwalks.

Providing plenty of inspiration to draw on, designers and makers continue to show us that it’s easier than ever to create interesting looking laser cut leather accessories. Artists who work with leather comment on the versatility of this material, with variations in the supple qualities further enhanced by the colour tones brought out in the tanning process.

Pictured above are just a few examples of what can be achieved once you know your way around laser cutting in leather.

The first four laser cut leather items are from Polymath Design Lab, with images thanks to Shannon Henry on Flickr. Below that are two of Colin Francis’ leather cuffs from Cuffmodern in the Ponoko Showroom.

Have you ever wanted to give leather a try? Explore your creativity with leather in the Ponoko Personal Factory.

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30 Holiday Gifts Created by Independent Designers

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide

Cat silhouette snowflake ornaments? Check! Quotation mark earring studs? Yes! Full moon wall clock? Got it! DNA sequencer? Sho ‘nuf.

These are just a few of the fantastic things on our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide featuring original designs from Ponoko customers.

We’ve selected 30 different products this year to fit all budgets and suit everyone from your sister to your boss.

Check out our Gift Guide on Pinterest, and support independent designers this holiday season!

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Vinylize turns old records into fancy eyewear

Fashionable frames CNC cut from cool vintage grooves

Your taste in music may go in and out of style, and the same is probably true for those funky fashions as well. Combining these two aspects of personal expression, Vinylize produce sleek and stylish eyewear by CNC cutting frames from recycled vinyl records.

Based in Budapest, Vinylize (an off-shoot of Tipton Eyeworks, a local Hungarian specialist maker) have refined their technique over the past decade. Experts in hand-shaping frames, a unique in-house process fuses the carefully selected vinyl with cellulose acetate that is CNC cut and then finished by hand, giving these glasses a distinctive vintage style with a modern twist.

Get your groove on with a neat little clip of the manufacturing process after the break.   (more…)

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Dapper DIY — make your own bow ties!

Ponoko-made project by Jay Thomson

Jay Thomson wears a bow tie to work every day. “[People] get a kick out of seeing them, and they often will strike up a conversation with me about my tie. They’re always amazed when they find out I make many of the ties I wear,” Jay writes on his website

He wanted to wear a different tie every day, but between his day job of managing the gift store at The Barnes Foundation museum, painting beautiful abstractions, and designing fabric patterns, he was having a hard time finding the hours it took to make a single tie.

So Jay decided to find a way to streamline the bow tie making process. He designed 7 different tie shapes and used Ponoko’s laser cutting service to create acrylic templates (shown in action in the photo above).


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2012 Holiday Gift Guide — from $5 to $1500

Ponoko-made presents!

Our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide features a range of jewelry, home decor, gadgets, and holiday goodies all made by our creative customers.

We’ve featured gifts to fit any budget, from $5 moustache earbud wraps to custom computers starting at $259. Whether you’re looking for something for a geek, biker, gamer, crafter, hostess, or girlie girl, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to see the 32 products featured or jump to our Holiday Gift Guide on Pinterest.


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3D printed shoe based on bird’s skull

Fashion meets biomimicry.

3D printed shoes seem to be becoming something of a trend recently. Biomimicry has been a growing trend in design for the last couple decades, so it’s probably inevitable that someone would combine the two methods. As inevitable as it may be in hindsight, it’s still a fascinating project.

This 3D printed shoe by Dutch fashion designer Marieka Ratsma and American architect Kostika Spaho adds an interesting twist; the form is based on the skull of a bird. The front of the shoe is the cranium, and the spike heel is the beak. The bone’s of birds are extremely lightweight, which helps the shoe achieve maximum strength with a minimum of material.

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Performance enhancing 3D prints!

Footwear for sprinters made with selective laser sintering

With the London 2012 Olympics not far away, the world’s attention will soon be drawn to the spectacle of elite athletes competing for glory. London based French designer and engineer Luc Fusaro has recently designed a pair of prototype 3D printed footwear to give sprinters the edge, for his masters degree final solo project at the Royal College of Art.

The shoes are designed at least in part by the athlete’s themselves. Using 3D scans of a sprinter’s feet Fusaro is able to personally customise the shoes to match the exact contours and form of every athlete’s foot. Fusaro based the design in part on research conducted by Dr Daniel Toon from Loughborough University’s Sports Technology and Additive Manufacturing Research Group.

“Scientific investigations have shown that tuning the mechanical properties of a sprint shoe to the physical abilities of an athlete can improve performance by up to 3.5%, when an improvement of 0.7% can already make a significant difference in a sprinter’s chance of winning a particular race.” (more…)

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Electro-luminescent prayer mat glows when facing Mecca, a Kickstarter project

bringing the El Sajjadah to production

The El Sajjadah is an illuminating prayer mat by product design studio SOPDS. Using a built-in digital compass and user input of current location, the mat detects the direction of Mecca and lights up when properly oriented. The glowing pattern depicts the story of life and indicates a place for the feet and hands during prayer.

This innovative combination of technology and religion has received international attention ranging from a cover story in the UK’s T3 magazine to the International Inventor’s Fair in Kuwait to a recent exhibition and acquisition by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Encouraged by the global interest in the El Sajjadah, SOPDS members Soner, Bahadir, Ben, and Cat have launched a Kickstarter project to put his prayer mat into production and make it available to the 1.6 million+ Muslims around the world.

Rewards for project backers include both an A3 and full scale size prints, an actual El Sajjadah from the first production run, a customized version from our UK lasercutting partner RazorLAB, and the opportunity to work with designer Soner Ozenc on a completely custom electro-luminescent prayer mat.

Check out this Kickstarter video to learn more about the project and see the mat in action.

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