Laser cut filigee

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #162

Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

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Above are laser cut leather nautilus earrings from Kristina Banwell Designs.

After the jump, masks, gears, chairs, pirate ships, owls (kind of), and relaxation…

Above is a laser cut metal filigree mask from Stellar Masks.

Above are printed and laser cut wood gears from The Porkchop Show.

Above is a laser cut wood chair necklace from Zealous Bee.

Above is a laser cut paper pop-up pirate ship greeting card from Mille Mots Paper Art.

Above are laser cut wood Twin Peaks earrings from Kate Rowland.

Above is a laser cut wood sign from Laser Z Studio.

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