A laser cut hive mentality

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #156

Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

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Above is a laser cut rubber BOLERO HEX (jacket) and COLONY pencil skirt from Ego Assassin (may be NSFW).

After the Om, magpies, hands, guitars, moths, clocks…

Above is a laser etched Om rubber stamp from Etchythings.

Above is a laser cut and etched acrylic magpie necklace from Sugar and Vice.

Above are laser cut palmistry hand brooch from Killer Queen Jewelry.

Above is a laser cut and etched Brazilian cherry wood guitar pick box from iTag Studios.

Above are laser cut death head moths from The Porkchop Show.

Above is a laser cut wood naked wall clock from Cufflinks & Cowboy Boots.

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