2Plex Laser Cut Construction Kit

Archimedean solids made easy

Benjamin Schaeffer likes to build things, and his latest foray with a laser cutter has resulted in a neat little collection he calls the 2Plex Construction Kit.

It’s all about having fun with form, building modular structures out of lightweight cardboard pre-cut shapes. As you can see from the image above, the variety of objects you can create from the simple geometric elements is quite open ended.

Don’t let terms like stellated octahedron throw you. As Ben says in his video construction walkthrough:

“This is mathematics. Not all mathematics is about numbers. Some mathematics is about form and shape.”

Available on Thingiverse in handy files that are ready for the laser cutter, the modular geometric forms have been optimised for construction using standard corrugated card.  

It’s a simple project that has been really nicely executed, prompting one user to comment that ‘this alone would be reason enough to buy a laser cutter’.

What would you build, if you had a pile of laser cut goodies like this? Benjamin talks through the assembly of a stellated octahedron in the following video:

via Thingiverse