A laser cut army

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #126

Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

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Above is a laser cut Ballista Kit from via BogasSG.

After the jump, a mustache, a skirt, sculptures, and a screen…

Above is a laser cut glasses with an animated mustache via Steamboat Ed.

Above is a laser cut skirt hem via Maria Hayhow.

Above is a laser cut and painted steel sculpture by Ray Smith via Mark Coster.

Above are laser cut wooden sculptures from Anima Kitty.

Above are laser cut wood door panel from Mortise & Tenon.

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Thank you for posting images of our newest project. We build custom furniture using laser cut panels all the time and the bring a fun extra design element to everything.

Thank you again and lots of success for 2013


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