Forme launches new 3D design library

Forme It

Bring your work to life with digital tableware and animal bones!

Forme It

Sourcing high resolution models for design work (and 3D printing) can be difficult and expensive. There are a fair number of free community 3D models on the web, but many are low quality or have restrictions against commercial use.

That’s where Forme It, a new service that sells high resolution 3D models, comes in.

Forme It’s library of 3D models is broken down into three main areas: Reference, Classic, and Modern. Reference contains models of the natural world, sorted into animal, plant, and mineral. Classic is for functional designs, currently holding a variety of tableware. And Modern at present has a few patterns to texture items with.

To help people actually use the content that they buy, Forme It has started a series of long-form YouTube tutorials. The idea is show one of the available designs used in a practical way, like this tree bark scan made into a container using Blender:

The selection of designs is a bit low to start (since the service only launched today), but the animal collection is really interesting in its specificity. If you need a crow skull and a pheasant heart, now you have a place to go. 🙂

Although the models are not tested on a 3D printer ahead of time, one of the co-founders John Barlow says that the company uses Netfabb to ensure that each design is manifold and that any holes are filled.

If you’d like to see the collection for yourself, check out Forme It here:

Derek Quenneville is a maker at @3DPhacktory, director at @site3colab, and 3D printing evangelist at @techknight.

That sounds awesome, so are the new 3D printing features of Blender’s latest release… Looking forward to check ’em out, the video tutorials are great as well! thanks for sharing, I’ve been working on some 3D print support for Grasshopper as well, you can check it on my blog.

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