Adobe Illustrator for Laser Cutting — design workshop in San Francisco

Monday, May 6 from 6-9pm at PARISOMA

Ponoko is teaching it’s first in-depth design workshop: Adobe Illustrator for Laser Cutting!

When: Monday, May 6th 6-9pm
Where: PARISOMA 169 11th St, San Francisco

We’ll guide you step-by-step to create your own laser cut design. No experience necessary! All you need is a design sketch, a laptop, and Illustrator (free trial available).

What you’ll learn:
• How to go from a sketch to creating a design in Adobe Illustrator
• How to format your design file specifically for laser cutting
• How and where to make your actual laser cut design

What you’ll get:
• 3 hours of instruction including 1.5 hours of individualized assistance
• FREE *laser cutting & shipping* from Ponoko (materials are little bit extra)

Register now:
• Space is limited to 20 people so everyone get’s the help they need.
Tickets are $50. Reserve your spot soon!

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Matt Fildes

Hooray! Will you webcast it for those that can’t make it to san francisco?

Hi Matt,
This particular workshop won’t be ideal for webcasting, because it will involve a lot of one-on-one attention. But we’ve had a lot of people get in touch and ask for a video of the workshop so we’re thinking about formats that would work online. I can keep your email on file, and get in touch with you whenever we look into doing that. Cheers!

If you are planning to do one in Los Angeles and are looking to volunteers to to assist with the class, drop me an email.

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