Make something BIG — 40% off our largest laser cutting materials!

Major savings on P3 sizes through April 22

When it comes to materials for our laser cutting service, we’ve got ’em in 3 sizes: P1, P2, and P3.

P3 is our biggest sheet size at 31.1″ x 15.1″ / 790mm x 384mm. It’s also our most expensive — with most of them around $20 – $30 a sheet and some, like our silicone rubber, are over $100.

While there isn’t a Ponokoan out there that doesn’t love a good looking laser cut coaster, sometimes you just want to make something BIG. Or maybe you want to fit a lot of smaller stuff on one big sheet. This is the promo for you!

40% off P3 laser cutting materials

No promo code needed. Prices for each P3 size material have already been reduced. And they will stay at 40% off through April 22, 2013.

Promotions always have a catch, and this one’s got five. #5 is a biggie.

1. Only good at Ponoko US and Ponoko NZ laser cutting hubs.

2. P3 sizes are 40% off *while supplies last*. First come, first serve.

3. Promo does not apply to metals, leathers, or polarizing film. There is no P3 size available for cardstock or Birch Ply in 1.5 and 3mm thicknesses.

4. This promotion cannot be combined with a Ponoko Making Voucher.

5. You must make a genuine laser cut design that makes use of most of the sheet. Do not put a little doodad in the corner in effort to just get the material. These promotions are made possible by legitimate orders. We will be file checkin’, and we reserve the right to cancel and refund orders which appear to be for the material only.

All good? Great! Let’s see what you make!
• See the Ponoko US materials catalog
• See the Ponoko NZ materials catalog

UPDATE: We are temporarily out of stock of 2.7mm Amber Bamboo.

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Lol on the extraness of #5. :-]

But on subject: yay!

what is the promo code for this?

Hi KC, there’s no promo code. We went in and manually reduced all P3 sizes.

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