Game of Thrones fan prints 3D Winterfell

Leaping from the small screen: Printer is coming

Fans will go a long way to bring their favorite shows to life, especially during the long, cold Winter that separates viewing seasons. Game of Thrones fan Daniel Ammann has brought forth the town of Winterfell from the small screen with this faithful 3D printed replica.

With only a few seconds of footage from the opening credits to go by, Daniel also turned to fanart and information on the Wiki of Fire and Ice (a resource based on the novels that inspired the TV series).

The model of the town was made in Solidworks, and the files have been shared on Thingiverse where they are gathering quite a following.      

Here is a screenshot that provided much of the data. It is from a brief flyover where the structure of the Stark stronghold emerges from a broader map.

It may not seem like much to go on, but for a dedicated fan there is plenty of information. With excitement building for the Season 3 return, Daniel says that plans are underway to print other iconic structures from the series. What will we see next? The Wall is high up on the list, and there is also talk of a collaborative effort to construct the sprawling metropolis of King’s Landing. In the mean time, let’s enjoy a few more pictures of the Winterfell model.

via Wired

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These are amazing! I love 3D printing. What will they think of next?

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