A tour of the Form 1 3D printer

Explore this controversial stereolithography machine.

Fabbaloo made this video tour of the Form 1 stereolithography-based 3D printer at CES 2013, a technology convention.

The Form 1 is notable both for its wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and the subsequent lawsuit by 3D Systems against both Formlab and Kickstarter. But lawsuits aside, this is a remarkable machine for the very reasonable price of $3299. The Form 1 ships in May.

Battle between Formlabs and 3D Systems resembles a little bit argues between Samsung and Apple… IMHO patents last definitely too long it should expires after max 10 years. After that period of time every invention should be available for everyone in public domain.


alan sterling

Actually, the lawsuit is over the software, not the hardware. It is claimed to be a process lawsuit.
The patent for stereolithography ran out already, that’s why the MIT kids were able to make the Form1.

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