Share your good tidings to WIN a lasercut calendar!

Ponoko-made present for you.

Keep track of the new year with this handsome lasercut Digits Calendar designed by Dave Rollins of Use Your Digits (and video game controller ornament fame). We’re giving away FIVE of these flatpack calendars to you!

How to enter:
Just leave a good tiding in the comments. What’s a tiding? We didn’t know; we had to look it up, and it’s news.

So yeah, just leave some good news in the comments. Like your son got all As and one B, you landed a new job, finally got a date, or you’re that person from Missouri that won the lottery . Whatever it is, if it’s good, tell us, and you might WIN!

Giveaway details: Only one comment/entry per person. Contest closes December 13. Five winners will be selected at random. Prize is $35 value.

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I have some good tidings, my son’s broken leg is healed! This calendar looks like a cool use of laser cutting.

After nearly 9 years at the same job and not really having many other options in the area I live in I was offered an amazing job through a friend of a friend to work for an awesome company with opportunities for growth as well. I’m so excited, today is my last day at my old job and I start this exciting new chapter of my life on Monday!

After a few rainy days, the sun is out. It is a beautiful day, and I am leaving work early!

I just landed the Catalina Wine Mixer this year. It’s the biggest helicopter-leasing event in the Western Hemisphere since 1997.

People keep buying my Ponoko usablity sleds. I am so happy about that.

I got a promotion at work!

I’ve just become a dad!

My little baby can now say Hello Daddy in the most incredible cute voice. She’s just in Ireland and haven’t seen her for a week and we were just on the phone for an hour with her constantly saying. Hello Daddy. I’ve melted to mush…

Hannah Skolnick

My Ponoko parts are being made! I can’t wait to get them and turn them into awesome jewelry for christmas presents. πŸ™‚

We LOVE all your good tidings! πŸ˜€

So far we are having a really mild winter in Chicago!

I’m LOVING learning about Pokono and can’t wait to start using it!

Frank Njie

After two years (3 school years) of working with a student who is deaf, mentally retarded, and has CP. I’ve aided them to graduation. And it hasn’t been easy along the way they’ve punched me, cursed at me, and tried scratch me to the point of bleed, but I felt the student had but looked over and was in true need.

Got a new client, renewed an old contract and business is picking up just in time for the holiday!

Michael Vasquez

Good tidings to you all!

Ponoko gets me excited to make things πŸ™‚

I’m getting married to the most amazing girl in the world and we can’t wait to use 3d printing/ laser cutting/ slip casting/ and metal casting for our rings, invitations, favors, and decorations! Here’s hoping to a 3D printed wedding cake topper!

I just got a raise, I think that’s some pretty good tidings. πŸ™‚

It only took 30 years, but I’ve finally taken up archery!

Today everyone I met was happier than usual…. and I felt more positive about life as well. Fridays and the Christmas holidays seem to a effect on our mood!

My dad just wrote off his car after a deer ran out in front of him.

Venison for Christmas dinner – just like a medieval king!

Ponoko is so cool – can’t wait to finally get something on here though-

Happy Holidays!

Trevor Lewis

At 40 I finally went back to college, and not only am I rockin the classes, I *love* it!

Steven Goodyke

I will be finished with my college courses this semester and will be able to go home and celebrate with my family. πŸ™‚

I am ready to kick the crap out of my finals!

I’ve just won a toy which is a character in my favorite computer game! And I will be making fashion apparel, handbags, and shoes starting next year, using a combination of laser cutting and 3D printing. Finally my life dream of being a fashion designer is coming true! πŸ™‚

Rory McDonald

My wife is a Dyslexia tutor. Most kids who are dyslexic (it is not about reversed letters btw-that is dysgraphia)are also ADD, or have a form of Aspergers or Autism. So these are very tough kids to work with, but she is awesome at it.
She and I collaborated on a project that helps kids get better self-feedback during tutoring, using a device I prototyped.
We are doing final testing, and if all goes well, I will be using Ponoko to do production pieces so it can be available to Dyslexia tutors and teachers all over the country!

Andrew Christensen

Christmas break is just around the corner and I’ve got about a month off from school! It will be a great time to rest!

Jessica Anderson

I met a handsome boy who I really like. I went rock climbing for the first time ever with him, and I LOVE it!

Anna Carmel

I have an awesome/annoying boyfriend who I’m crazy for and I bought myself some new socks. Is a win-win holiday season!

My band has just finished an album I’m very proud of! Thanks to Ponoko and laser cutting, I was able to design a very cool stencil image for the album. It looks very rad!

My great tiding of joy arrived yesterday from—my first laser cutting order is now 50% complete!

Manuel Fernandez

After not having any gifts for my little girl last Christmas. I got her toys and a lot of other stuff. She is going to just love it this year. Happy days to all!

I have started a new health lifestyle and lost 15 lbs since the summer

The digital age at its best!

Jacob Wood

We are moving house!

I am pretty thankful to have my family together for the holidays this year. After just finishing my graphic design degree in june I was blessed to get my first full time graphic design job. Which means I am excited to spread the joy with my family and friends this christmas. I will hopefully be making them some laser cut goodies from I will also be creating my first laser cut ornament to add to our tree (we have a tradition of adding one new ornament to our tree every year)!

Gary Viveiros

Peace to all! I enjoyed reading your entries like reading mail from relatives. Be contented, stay safe, and don’t do anything that would bring grief to others. Remember, Wise men Still Seek Him!

My daughter is performing in the Nutcracker Ballet for 2 different companies… thankfully one is almost done and my little 8 year old girl can stop looking like a little dance professional.

Good News, Everyone! I’m not sick anymore! I was sick for 8 days. At least I think it was 8 days. I don’t have a calendar around here to confirm that, but it felt like 8 days. Pretty awesome, huh? πŸ™‚

After putting my heart and soul into preserving a 122 year old historic brothel that tells the story of a time that is past gone, my partner and I were able to get a major cable series to film an episode in our brothel. This hopefully will get us the attention needed to follow through on this project so the memories of the soiled doves can be remembered and their story of how they made a small town grow into a major city of the old west.

After applying around for 2 years, this southerner finally got her New York City design job. I’ve been here for 4 months so far, just landed my first apartment, and everything is turning out great. Happy holidays to everyone!

I just found out that my high school is getting 3D printers!

I got my almost-three-year-old nephew a toy car that he loved so much, he didn’t let go of it for the whole weekend he stayed with us.

Had my first craft show this weekend and sold my laser cut jewelry for the first time! Good tidings!

Today is my birthday!

My local university, Massey, has a Fab Lab, and a very interesting diploma in Design and Product Development that means I could get to play with laser cutting, CNC and other toys!

It’s snowing here in Montreal, and this woman I assume is homeless always sits on a bench in a parc next to my appartment.

I went over to her and gave her gingerbread, a thermos with some warm tea+honey, and a bag of change I keep in my piggybank for occasions like that. Made me feel good πŸ™‚

My 5 yr old is having his class graduation themed ‘Let’s Celebrate Learning’ Concert, he’s a dancing & sailor, I’ll be there cheering! xox

I’m sick but getting better right now.

Good news! I just found this post! So I could win if I just comment here! Yeah baby!

Still looking for a laser cut printed wedding invitations which is how I happened on Ponoko with no luck so far, but who cares I am marrying the most beautiful girl in the world next May so that is where all my luck has gone.

Works finished for the year, relaxing in the sun having lunch. Nice.

I get to go home for christmas!

Just got back from Disneyland with my 4 year old. She loved it.

It’s less than two weeks ’til Christmas! That’s good right?! That means it’s nearly time for a break from work, hanging out with amazing people and eating lots of good food, all in the sun because I’m in NZ.
– Emma πŸ˜€


I haven’t slept more than 2 hours at a stretch in over a month, because I became a father in November and I get to buy presents for my beautiful daughter’s first Christmas!

I only have one week until I am done with what has been a very difficult semester of design work. Then I can relax entirely!

Nothing better than getting laser cut items from Ponoko!

Just finished the hardest class at my university for the MBA program with a B! Took a lot of hard work and long hours studying but I survived!

Good tidings! Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year

The company I started just made its first large sale!

Doing one last all nighter for the last class I need to take to satisfy the course requirement for my degree. And tomorrow we will have a floating bonfire at my colleagues lake house. How awesome is that?

Just got back to the west coast to spend the holidays with my parents and sister. I get to stay for a whole month!

Thanks everyone for your good tidings. The Ponoko Team loved reading them. 60+ reasons to smile!

And good tidings to our 5 randomly chosen winners: Robbie, Linda, LaTiesha, Stilettoblade, & Hannah!

For those who are interested, this calendar is for sale at the Use Your Digits etsy store for $35.

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