WIN a year of free making with Ponoko!! #YippeeYay

Tweet your Ponoko projects!

Here’s your chance to win a free Ponoko project every month of 2013.

How to enter:
Tweet a pic or link of your Ponoko-made project with hashtag #YippeeYay
Each unique project tweeted between November 2 and December 10 will be entered in a random drawing to win.

If you haven’t made with Ponoko before, tweet a pic or link of your design file that’s been accepted by our system. (There’s a bit of a learning curve to making stuff with Ponoko, and we’d like the prize to go to someone that can really use it.)

Prize details:
1 winner will receive a $200 credit every month of 2013. Credit can be used towards any costs of a Ponoko US or NZ order including making, materials, shipping, and material samples. Cannot be used towards items supplied by Sparkfun. Unused credit does not rollover (resets at the start of each month) and is not redeemable for cash.

Contest closes Monday, December 10 at 8pm pacific time. Winner will be announced the following week.

We can’t wait to see what you make!! And don’t forget to use #YippeeYay

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Karen Isaacson

Too bad that you have to pay to play.

Hi Karen. There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to making stuff with Ponoko. So if someone has made something at least once, we know the prize will go to someone that can really use it. But if you want to tweet your design file that’s been accepted by the Ponoko system, I’ll count that as an entry. That way you don’t have to pay to play. : )

Does the project itself need to be designed/made between November 2 and December 10, or can we use an older project, as long as the tweet itself is made during that time?

Almost enough to get me to sign up for da bird but not quite.

Hey Tony. It can be something you made with Ponoko at any time.

Hurray! 🙂 That’s awesome, thank you very much for it! We’ve got enough projects to tweet all the way :). And we’re designing more right now. Will be fun! Will you have a gallery of winners’ projects? Would love to see them!

For some reason, when we tweet with this hashtag, we don’t see ourselves in the search results. Does anybody else have same problem?

Hi Gray. We’ve definitely been seeing your tweets, and it has been showing up in the search when we tweet or RT from the Ponoko acct. Are you using tweetdeck? There’s only going to be 1 winner, so there won’t be a “winners gallery” but we will be posting them to our Pinterest boards and following up with new Maker Stories.

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