Wiki Weapon: the 3D printed gun project

What are the implications of an open source, fully 3D printable handgun?

Cody Wilson and a group of friends, working under the name Defense Distributed, want to make an open source, fully 3D printable handgun.

Their goal is that the gun use only parts printed on a RepRap-like printer except for the .22 caliber bullet. While such project have been discussed before, they appear to have put together a thorough working plan, starting with a prototype that uses an electronic solenoid.

A project of this kind is bound to be controversial, for obvious reasons. A CAD file of a gun would be nearly impossible to control or regulate. In fact, this appears to be exactly what the people behind Defense Distributed intend. Both their video above and their manifesto are strongly political, leaning towards a broad interpretation of the “right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

They began with an Indiegogo campaign asking for $20,000 to begin the project. Indiegogo removed their campaign, presumably because it was a weapon. Defense Distributed then ran a campaign through their own site and suceeded in raising $20,000 as of 9/19. As of right now, they are continuing to accept donations to cover day-to-day expenses.

Via 3D Printing Event blog