Halloween Special: 50% off orange + black lasercutting materials!!

Slashing costs on orange and black — all month long.

Hello Ponokoans, and happy October. We’ve got a Halloween treat for you!

All of our orange and black lasercutting materials of *all sizes* are 50% off through October 31. That’s right; we took out our chainsaws and kitchen knives and slashed the pricing right in half!

It was so much fun that our European partners did it too!! Except they used swords, because they live in Europe. But the point is, ALL orange and black lasercutting materials of ALL sizes at ALL of our lasercutting hubs are 50% off!!

Ponoko / United States materials — prices already reduced
Ponoko / New Zealand materials — prices already reduced
RazorLAB United Kingdom materials — refunds will be issued
Vectorealism / Italy materials — prices already reduced
Formulor / Germany materials — prices already reduced

Here are just a few of the victims:

Quick note: If you need your orange/black order actually by Halloween, you need to have you order in no later than October 15!

Quick note #2: Ponoko Making Vouchers cannot be redeemed against orders containing the materials discounted for this promotion.

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Tom Bennet

Nice Halloween special :-)… When do you expect prices/details from Formulor ?

Awesome! I can’t wait to hear what Formulor offers. I sure hope they participate! 🙂

Hi guys. I’ve sent Formulor a reminder. Will update the post as soon as I hear back! : )

Can we combine this deal with the “Get a free $50” voucher?

Yep, you can use this with the KICKOFF promo Manny. (Just can’t redeem any making vouchers on these orders.)

Awesome! Thank you!

Got a Formulor update for you. They have reduced prices on GS black & GS orange opaque acrylics (except GS black with matt finish and GS orange transparent).

AWESOME!!! Thanks Kristen for the update!

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