D.I.Wire Bender version 2 on show

DIY CNC takes another twist at the 3D Printer Village

Remember that nifty CNC wire bending machine from the guys at Pensa? Well, they have certainly been active over the past few months, and are showing off their updated D.I.Wire Bender 2.0 at New York’s Maker Faire.

Featuring in the 3D Printer Village where it’s busily twisting loops around the hearts of eager patrons, the D.I.Wire Bender Version 2 boasts a number of new features including greater strength and increased accuracy (it now takes on steel without skipping a beat) and, interestingly, facilitates soldering or welding by marking precisely where the CNC bent wire is to be welded, thanks to a built-in Sharpie.

For those interested in building a wire bender of their own, Pensa have also put together a DIY tutorial on Make:Projects. It’s full of detail and will have you bending with the best of them in no time.

via Hack A Day

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