Improving 3D print adhesion with hairspray(!)

Extra Hold by phineasjw

Extra hold for extra hold

Extra Hold by phineasjw

Thingiverse user phineasjw had problems with his 3D prints not fully sticking to his MakerBot’s build platform. Then he noticed a can of hairspray…

This is such an offbeat solution to a common hobbyist 3D printing problem that I just had to write about it. Making sure that the first layer of a print sticks to the platform is key to producing a high-quality object. If it doesn’t stick right, the edges can warp, or the entire object can come loose before the print is complete.

With that in mind, phineasjw’s solution was to spray a light mist of Aqua Net Extra Super Hold over his build platform’s kapton tape. Since doing so, he and other brave Thingiverse users say that they’ve had excellent results with their prints!

The full details are here, including templates for creating a cardboard mask to protect other components during hairspray application:

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