3D printed Canning Jar Accessories

Using a 3D printer for practical reuse in the kitchen

There is a fantastic series of posts from Alex over at the ProtoParadigm blog featuring practical things you can do with a 3D printer. This isn’t about wowing people with the latest high-tech advances. It’s all about getting down to the nitty gritty and using that 3D printing versatility to get things done.

So let’s get practical with our printers and extend the function of those ubiquitous glass jars. Documenting each solution with a brief but informative summary, Alex kicks things off himself with some easy-to-open, watertight lids. He then turns to Thingiverse for inspiration, and follows through with bank lids, a fly trap, a sprouting lid for growing seeds, straining and shaking lids, and even a fermentation lid that allows for exchange of gases.

Further exploration on Thingiverse will uncover an even greater diversity of canning jar accessories, from sippy cups to funnels and more. Check them out, and build some of your own!

via ProtoParadigm

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