Realität Microsonic Landscapes

3D printed visualisations reveal the inner music

What do you see, when you play your favourite tunes? The visualisation of music has been the focus of artists for as long as musicians have been stringing a few notes together. It all gets very interesting when you add a 3D printer to the mix, and Mexican design studio Realität have done just that with their Microsonic Landscapes.

Taking a waveform from the audio track, they then process the data to produce intricate structures that are printed using a trusty Makerbot.

“Microsonic Landscapes are an algorithmic exploration of the music we love. Each album’s soundwave proposes a new spatial and unique journey by transforming sound into matter/space: the hidden into something visible.”

Click through to the source to see the full collection; it presents an intriguing example of how 3D printing can enhance the way we engage with music and sound.

Realität via NotCot