We don’t like to brag but… we just had to share this.

The other day our CEO David ten Have got an email from a customer in New Hampshire.

And this is what it said:

Dear David,

I wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent customer service I received from Josh specifically and your company in general. On my most recent order, Josh was kind enough to send me an email describing an issue he saw with my design. He was concerned that the cut lines were too thin and that the laser might obliterate the delicate design. With his help I was able to modify my design successfully and receive the results I was looking for. He was very patient, and quick to respond to my questions.

I love that your company allows me to be relatively autonomous; it makes the process easy for me when I am trying to get prototypes done quickly without having to explain my needs to a salesman. I typically prefer a computer interface. I was pleasantly surprised that along with that autonomy comes an attention to detail that makes me feel like I am an individual customer and not just another computer file to pump through a machine. Actually, I don’t get this kind of personal service from a current vendor who I occasionally meet with face to face, and that’s why I am so happy I found your company! I also wanted to mention that when I receive my order in the mail, I actually say Yippee! The sticker you attach to your boxes echo my sentiments exactly.

Thank you again, I will definitely use Ponoko in the future and have told many friends about the great service and the excellent results. I wish everything could be fixed with a laser.

Yours very truly,
L. Shannon

This is the kinda thing that makes our day. The team responded with shouts of “Yipee!” “Awesome” and cheerful profanities. Way to go Josh, and a big thanks to our entire Community Support Team!

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Josh is a rockstar. He’s always very helpful and easy to deal with.

I second that! Josh is a super rockstar! And Ponoko has been an amazing way to design and make jewelry.

Josh and Ponoko set the bar for customer service. Best customer service experience – everytime!

Ponoko isn’t perfect, but Josh just about is. 🙂

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