Boolean Buddhas show the beauty of painted 3D prints

Boolean Buddhas by David Hirmes

Beautiful beaming Boolean Buddhas

Boolean Buddhas by David Hirmes

In hobbyist 3D printing, the attractiveness of a print is greatly influenced by how much attention is paid to the characteristics of the output device. In my post last week, I wrote about jewelry designs that were iterated on until desirable surface patterns were produced.

In a similar vein, David Hirmes‘ new Boolean Buddhas collection is made beautiful not just by taking advantage of the characteristics of ABS plastic, but also simple finishing techniques.

I’ve written about some options for finishing a 3D print before, such as painting, sanding, and epoxying. Hirmes takes the painting option further by contrasting gold-painted surfaces with stark, natural ABS plastic, such as in the Buddha Bowl:

Buddha Bowl by David Hirmes

The translucency of thin-walled, natural ABS is used as an advantage here in the Buddha Box:

Buddha Box by David Hirmes

Finally, combined with an appropriate wooden base, the end product is a very attractive package:

Hollow Buddha by David Hirmes

If you’d like to see the whole creation process, check out the comprehensive Boolean Buddhas page here:

The 3D models for the Boolean Buddhas are also available for free on Thingiverse:

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