What does 3D printing mean for society? Ponoko CEO David ten Have answers

Dave’s latest interview is online.

3D Printer Hub recently posited ten questions to own David ten Have, digging deeper into the implications of 3D printing.

Dave talks about what excites him most about this technology — “ARM and Arduino platforms… the vehicle for making much smarter 3D printed products” — the ethical grey area of democratizing manufacture, and whether all this 3D printing buzz is an evolution or a revolution.

Favourite quote: “This business is about unleashing creativity. Anytime you allow people to honestly express themselves, you create much, much more value than you can throw your arms around.”

Read the full interview at 3D Printer Hub.

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This is truly inspiring, original stuff. Best interview I have read for a long time. Great to have a global thought leader like Dave and Ponoko etc based here in NZ.

Dave, just to clarify: when you say “vertically integrated economies that respect the social contract” are you referring to the opportunities 3D printing presents to drastically shrink the supply / value chain (ie person with an idea can manufacture it and sell it)?

Dave ten Have

Yes, that’s a big part of it. It is also the chance to have manufacturing back in our economy. Something that gives a person a meaningful job. Changing the status quo where manufacturing is done “over there” and people who are wired for making things are currently left in the cold.

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