Glazed Ceramic for 3D Printing now in 7 colors!

plus 10% off all Glazed Ceramic orders through July 29

We LOVE 3D printing with Glazed Ceramic. It’s got the perfect hint of gloss; it’s safe for food and drink; it can take some serious heat; and best of all — it’s now available in seven oh-so-lovely colors.

White | Green | Pale Blue | Peach | Periwinkle | Teal | Yellow |

Today, we added 3 brand new ceramic colors to the bouquet:
Yellow, Green, and Pale Blue.

It’s hard to choose just one, so we’ve lowered pricing on *all* Glazed Ceramics through July 29. You’ll save 10% (price automatically reduced) on all Glazed Ceramic orders in any and all available colors.

For a little inspiration, check out this pretty little espresso cup in Teal made by our own Dan Emery.

Ready to start your own 3D design? This stuff is gonna help you out:
How to get the best results from 3D printing with Glazed Ceramic
3D printing Tutorials & Tips section from the Ponoko forum
Free 3D design files to make with Glazed Ceramic

6 Responses to “Glazed Ceramic for 3D Printing now in 7 colors!”

  1. Rosie Wilson Says:

    I would love to start a discussion on ways in which 3d printing could help to relieve poverty in developing countries. We at techfortrade (a London based charity) have launched our 3D4D Challenge and are now taking applications from people with original ideas of how 3D printing can be used for social benefit.
    We would love to hear your ideas so feel free to contact us at If you would like to apply, just visit our website

  2. calvnin Says:

    In what cases will the ceramic material not be available? I have two parts to an assembly an one can be printed whilst the other can’t be in ceramic.

  3. Dan Says:

    Hi Calvnin

    The main factors that mean the ceramic material will not be available are:
    Min bounding box size
    Max bounding box size
    Minimum density.

    The values for these can be found on the materials pages. If you think your design fits within those rules please email us your file and we’ll take a look at it for you.

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