3DTin gets a speed boost

Light Bulb by MrFisher

Big performance gains for web-based 3D modeling

Light Bulb by MrFisher

Popular web-based 3D modeling tool 3DTin has just been updated to be faster and use less memory. According to a post on the 3DTin blog, the evolution from strictly voxel-based modeling to more complex forms of geometry (while retaining backwards compatibility) had taken a huge toll on performance.

In one example, the updated web app is now able to load this model of an iPhone 4S in 1.6 seconds, where it previously took a full 24 seconds:

iPhone 4S by nixrobbie

Of course the less-advanced voxel features are still quite popular, especially when it comes to modeling videogame material. Earlier this year, I used 3DTin and some Pac-Man screenshots to model and then 3D print this set of plugs:

Pac-Man plugs by me

If you’d like to read more about the performance improvements, the full details are here: http://blog.3dtin.com/2012/06/13/losing-a-lot-of-weight/

(via @3DTin)

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