Failed 3D prints melted into artwork

Close-up of RichRap's melted PLA creation

Melted, recycled, colourful!

Close-up of RichRap's melted PLA creation

Along the same lines as last week’s post about photos of failed 3D prints, I want to highlight another recycle-into-art project that transforms scrap parts into colourful patterns.

RichRap has put together a basic how-to on his blog, taking leftover bits of PLA and melting them in an oven on some aluminum foil:

You will need:
– An oven
– Baking tray
– Aluminium foil
– Scrap bits of PLA and any failed prints
– Beer (to help with artistic inspiration)

RichRap's bag of scrap PLA

RichRap's "April 12" melted PLA

There’s an entry on Thingiverse for others to share their creations, and RichRap’s full instructions on how to create your own “Melt-Art-Prints” are available on his blog here:

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