NEW material for 3D printing: white plaster

Our lowest priced 3D printing material ever!

Been looking for a way to test out your larger 3D designs without having it cost a fortune? We have just added White Plaster to our materials catalogue and your 3D product can be made for as low as $.69 a cubic centimeter!*

Because of this low price, white plaster is a great material to evaluate the aesthetics of your larger design before committing to a more expensive material.

See the material page for all the details and design specs.

*Designs 30cc or higher are $.69 a cc for Prime members and $.73 for free accounts. Pricing for this material is on a graduated pricing scale where the price for smaller parts reflect the true cost of printing these parts. For more information, see chart here.
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Can it serve as a mould for Aluminium Casting?

Cheap is nice – SPECIALLY for Obsessive-Compulsive Creators!
Mwahahahah! 🙂

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