NEW material: bendy plywood available in NZ

Flexible timber for your curvy projects.

We’re welcoming Bendy Plywood to the Ponoko NZ materials catalog with a big hug. And it can kind of hug us back.

That’s because Bendy Plywood can curve and undulate within a radius of 250mm+. It’s an interior grade plywood made of 3 veneer layers of Fuma wood. The total thickness is about 5mm, and price starts at $2.97US for a P1.

Bendy Ply is great for model making, cabinets and interior fittings, joinery, and partitions.

But its thin, pliable quality can have some disadvantages. It can potentially warp, and that can affect the flatness of parts. Detailed elements and engraving within P2 and P3 design files require spacing out to avoid material warping and compromising cut quality.

For tips on avoiding warping with plywood, check out this helpful tutorial.

If you’re thinking about using Bendy Ply in a future project, grab a sample first for just $3NZ.

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