Laser cut for a cause

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #75

Hey, Sam here,back collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

Above is a skate deck – laser etched by Andrea Leggit – was donated to the Montana Skatepark Association as part of their annual OnDeck fundraising auction, which you can bid on right now.

After the jump,  records, lamps, software, and a cutting board.

Above Vinyl Lattice designed with Grasshopper and laser cut into a vinyl record by Austin Chod.

Above is the assembly of a lamp From Alvaro Soto.

Above is a work made with Boxdesigner – which allows you to design boxes (and other things) to laser cut through your browser. Thanks to Gerd Brath.

Above is a laser etched cutting board with a 1″ grid from Herrings Engraving.

austin chod’s vinyl piece is so awesome aesthetically – but it should really be pointed out that records are made of PVC. anything containing even a bit of vinyl or poly-vinyl chloride should be avoided, as they’re the only things that will cause HEAVY deterioration, whether YAG or c02 laser.

ponoko and the people utilizing it – please be careful with that stuff! of all the materials in the world, it’s the only thing that will severely damage the optics and moving parts in a laser, when it reaches its burning point. this stuff is best left to vinyl plotters. 🙂

Ponoko doesn’t cut vinyl for that reason. Plus the fumes are toxic.

what is the format of your files on your computer, dwg?

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