A modified inkjet that produces self-folding paper forms

A simple principle with a beautiful result.

Christophe Guberan, a student at Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL), has made the project Hydro-Fold using a modified inkjet printer. It produces paper objects that automatically fold themselves into specific forms. The ink has been replaced with a specific mixture of ink and water. When paper is printed with a folding pattern, it bends along the wet lines.

One of the major disadvantages of inkjet printers is their tendency to over-saturate the paper with ink and cause bends, distortions, and wrinkles. This project charmingly takes advantage of this principle and puts it to good use. The result is clearly more experimental than functional, but its not hard to imagine the potential of this idea with a bit more technology applied to it.

Watch the video on Dezeen and see some examples after the jump.

Via Dezeen