Last day to fund the SparkLab workshop-on-wheels for school kids!

32 hours and $3,000 to go

Remember the bookmobile from your elementary school days? That library-on-wheels that went from school to school bringing books to kids?

Imagine that van as a workshop-on-wheels carrying tools, tables, a laser-cutter, 3D printer, and other equipment. Going from school to school teaching kids how to make stuff! That’s what Stanford graduate students Aaron, Eugene, and Jason want to do with SparkLab.

And they are soooo close to hitting their $25,000 goal to make it happen. They need just $3,000 more, but there are only 32 hours left to go.

Donation thank-yous include a Sponsor Sprocket on the SparkLab truck, a lasercut truck postcard, a hand-made gift from one of the students, and a visit from the SparkLab truck!

Support SparkLab today, because tomorrow will be too late!

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