Matherix 3Dify – an upcoming Kinect 3D scanning tool in development

More Kinect scanning tools in the works

I’ve been having fun doing 3D scans with the Kinect and ReconstructMe for a few weeks now. I was just beginning to wonder what other software might pop up in the future, when someone from Matherix Labs invited me to try 3Dify.

Matherix 3Dify is a new Kinect scanning tool that aims to be a simple, low-cost way to make 3D scans of things. It doesn’t have the GPU-intensive real-time model capture of ReconstructMe, but it has a GUI, which might make it a good choice for the less technically-inclined.

The developers have put together a video showing how the process works:

The example model from the website isn’t quite print-ready, but it is neat that you can capture models in colour.

The software is currently in private beta testing, and you can read more & sign up at the official website:

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Thanks for the post Derek!

There is a new version available which has a much better looking mesh than in the older version. Please check it out!


yah, seems its too good and helpful.

Note that ReconstructMe does support non-realtime reconstruction by first recording data and reconstruction later on CPUs. This of course does that longer than real-time processing, but non the less it is supported.

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