Portable 3D printing with the Tantillus

Tantillus, photo by John Biehler

Cute, portable, printable

Tantillus with can for scale, photo by John Biehler

RepRap aficionado Brad has designed a portable, mini-3D printer called the Tantillus. Not only is it pretty cute, it’s also capable of running on batteries!

The inspiration for the printer came when Brad found that his Prusa was too large to bring with him on holidays, and that full-size 3D printing capability was unnecessary during travel.

As expected, the build area is small (100mm x 100mm x 110mm), but actually isn’t too far off of the original MakerBot Cupcake‘s intended usable build area. Also, printable extension panels are planned in case a larger print is required.

The most intriguing planned feature to me is the daisy chain option. Two printers sharing a single set of electronics could be used to mass-produce duplicate sets of prints at a reduced cost. (Like fleet of Tantillus devices printing copies of themselves, for example.)

There’s no video of printing in action yet, but Brad uploaded a quick video of how movement looks by hand to YouTube the other day:

Hopefully we’ll see one in action soon. Keep an eye on Brad’s website for ongoing details: http://geometricobjectdepositiontool.blogspot.com/

(via 3Ders)

Derek Quenneville is a 3D printing evangelist who posts weekly on the Ponoko blog. Follow him on Twitter @techknight.