A low cost open source laser sintering 3D printer

Another 3D printing technology goes open source.

Open source and low cost plastic extrusion 3D printers have become so common they don’t even seem exciting anymore. There are even low cost UV resin printers and powder/adhesive printers around if you look. But laser sintering has remained the domain of high-end commercial printers.

This project Swarthmore College engineering student Andreas Bastian is an important step towards making laser sintering machines accessible. It uses a relatively low-powered laser to fuse a wax powder. These models can then be made into metal via traditional lost-wax casting. It’s not quite a direct-to-metal laser sinter printer, but its a step closer.

On a side note, 3D printing directly into stainless steel is available through Personal Factory.

Via MAKE via Hack a Day

Wax, then Metal, all righty!!!

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