MeshLab for iOS devices

laurana50k demo model

Easy model viewing on the go

laurana50k demo model

If you do any 3D printing work, you’re probably familiar with MeshLab. It’s a great tool for fixing models, skinning point clouds, and all sorts of interesting stuff. But did you know that there’s been a version of MeshLab for iOS since September?

It doesn’t have the editing capabilities of the desktop software, but it’s a great tool for viewing and presenting 3D models on the go.

You can import files using iTunes or email, but the best way is to use the Dropbox integration feature:

Dropbox integration
Once imported, a model can be rotated and zoomed in all the usual ways:

Controls in smooth mode

Models can also be viewed in flat or point cloud modes, and the light source is easily adjusted:

"Flat" view of Beethoven model by dino-girl

If you’d like to give it a try, MeshLab can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store:

(via Tony Buser @tbuser on Twitter)

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Have you tried Viewshape? It has the handy feature to download STL files directly, so I often view models from Thingiverse on my iPhone this way.

I just tried it yesterday – I like the built-in web browsing for models to download.

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