3D portraits in print

Anne Frank 3D book

Three dimensional portrait biographies

Anne Frank 3D book

Anne Frank

Written Portraits were created by Markus Ravenhorst and Maarten Reynen of Etcetera for Dutch Book Week. These biographies accurately depict the faces the of Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh, Louis van Gaal and Kader Abdolah in three dimensional glory.

These books appear to have been die-cut as is common in the print industry, but its not often economically viable to use die-cutting to such an elaborate degree as Souvervein have done for Etcetera. You can achieve similar results laser cutting paper. In fact Ponoko is currently running a prototyping party with free cardboard!

Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh

David is an industrial designer from New Zealand. He contributes a weekly article on personal fabrication for Ponoko. You can follow him on Twitter @dizymac

Fabulous! By the way, I agree that it’s not economical to make die-cut form to make these pieces of art but I doubt it was the fact. Most probably they used kiss-cutters. You can do the same with laser for sure but then you can’t get such nice clean edges. I mean not burnt;)

David McGahan

Thanks Imants, I wasn’t aware of the kiss-cutter process. If you’re really careful with lasers and use low power settings you can avoid burnt edges, it does require a bit of trial and error however 🙂

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