Ten excellent electronics projects from 2011

Best of the Blog 2011 – electronics + robotics

For me, electronics and robotics are about more than just geeking out — a lot of the appeal is the art and creativity of DIY, the educational opportunities of open knowledge sharing, mixed with a bit of “wow the future is awesome”.

With those factors in mind, here’s my list of Top 10 Electronics and Robotics Posts from 2011.

1. Rich Decibels Brainwave Disruptor

My post on the Arduino-based brainwave entrainment device certainly touched a nerve this year, with more than one commenter questioning my sanity in building such a device!

2. Nanocade retro gaming cabinet

This ‘Ponoko Product of the Week’ is in my opinion a perfect piece of digitally fabricated craftsmanship.

3. Super Mario Bros in a box

The mechanical Super Mario Bros box is another nod to retro-cool from the Teague Labs team.

4. Quadrocopters Team Up

A taste of the future: coordinated autonomous flying robot teams!

5. FabFi community-built wireless network.

An open-source software and hardware project bringing internet connectivity to developing communities in Kenya and Afghanistan.

6. Arduino and NES controlled Etch-a-Sketch

Three of a hardware hacker’s favourite things in one project: stepper motors, Arduino, and a NES controller!

7. Automatic CNC tattoo machine

An intriguing combination of art and technology: this machine will tattoo a randomly-chosen religious symbol on your forearm.

8. New Arduino Documentary

Looking over this list you can’t help but notice the influence the Arduino has had on the DIY electronics community; here’s a great documentary about its inception.

9. Four bit maze: tactile electronic mechanical puzzle

Oskar van Deventer is a master puzzle designer; his electromechanical four bit maze is particularly creative.

10. Evil floppy drives play Imperial March

And for a bit of a laugh you can’t beat the two floppy drives playing the Imperial March.