3D printed stainless steel and carbon fiber bike

A striking and truly unique custom lightweight bike.

The VRZ 1. by Ralf Holleis uses 3D printed stainless steel lugs (connector pieces) and carbon fiber tubes. The lugs are generated with a custom program before being printed, hand-finished, and glued onto the custom-cut carbon fiber tubes.

This system allows an extremely light frame to be made to a custom size and configuration much more quickly than conventional methods.

Be sure to check out the detailed geometry of the lugs in the video. The combination of the polished lattice lugs and black carbon fiber is striking.

Via Rhino News

That made my day, and I was on a VERY bad mood… =D

I always said 3D printing should be for the pivotal, important parts, and the long pieces, made from stock material. Mecanno builders know this…

Now, it’s up to me to shamelessly emulate this technique, for my own purposes.

Boom! Nice bike!

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