Animation created in the wheel of a bicycle

Paper cutouts make for a magical ride

The wheels of the humble pushie have been utilised for Persistence of Vision optical displays before, usually with an array of LEDs flickering a pattern as the bike rolls along.

London-based animator Katy Beveridge took a different approach when she used hand cut paper to generate dynamic moving patterns on her bike wheels. A fancy, limited edition laser cut version is available on her Etsy store.

Styled on the very early phenakistoscopes, the animation is only visible when viewed through a camera. This is because of the way that the eye perceives motion, as the technique relies on the refresh rate between frames to create an illusion of animated movement.

A comment on Katy’s blog suggested attaching a strobing LED light to the forks of the bicycle, thus creating the required flicker for the animation to be visible to the naked eye. Until a solution like this is incorporated, Katy’s novel laser cut wheel patterns will only really come to life on-screen.

via Monogocoro