Robot chefs take over the kitchen

Today’s menu: Sandwiches and popcorn

We’ve seen a few tasty treats get the high-tech treatment, but this sandwich has a different flavour altogether.

Usually, a robot’s moves are pre-programmed so that precision outcomes are the end result.

Researchers at the University of Munich took a more human approach to their robot chefs, and equipped “James” and “Rosie” with fancy headpieces in the form of a Microsoft Kinect. This enables the robots to evaluate what is in front of them and make decisions on the fly.

The result is a less-than-perfect bowl of popcorn and multi-layered sandwich, and it does take them a while to get it right. Having said that, it’s a great deal more impressive letting the robots work out what to do for themselves, rather than transposing plastic and plywood for foodstuffs, as we’ve seen in the past.

Check out the video, after the break. 

First up, a 10x speed highlights clip:

And for those who enjoyed that (but are still hungry for more) here is a longer feature, with some helpful commentary to explain what the robots are up to.

Via Engadget

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