Arduino 1.0 Programming Environment And Language Released

The Wildly Popular Open-Source Hardware Becomes Official

Since its release in 2005, Arduino has become exponentially more popular every year. It is used all around the world, and it is the leading open source microcontroller. Yesterday, Arduino programming environment and language version 1.0 was released, which suggests that this is the first, full, non-beta release.

My first thought was “That wasn’t already released?” It worked so well already, I just assumed this mile marker had already been passed. Anyways, congratulations to the Arduino team and everyone else who has worked on it over the last six years.

You can read more about it in the Arduino blog announcement and download it from their site. And if you want to learn more about everything you can create with it, check out this Arduino guide.

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Bill Perry

Users may want to take note that 100% of the 3rd party libraries that were written prior to 1.0 will no longer compile. While the changes to get them to compile with 1.0 are quite minimal, the 1.0 release changed a few things that will keep 100% of the pre 1.0 library code from compiling. As a result until all the 3rd party libraries are updated for 1.0, users may experience some issues with their previously running sketches or libraries that they download from the net.

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