Cyber Monday material giveaway until 2012!!

supplies will probably not last that long, get in on this now

We’re joining in the Cyber Monday marketing ploy to encourage online commerce. But instead of having just one sale that lasts just one day, we’ve decided to make some of our MATERIALS TOTALLY FREE for the next 33 days.

Starting right now 10 of our laser-cuttable materials are completely, totally, 100% FREE — until 2012!!

Or while supplies last. So if you want some free stuff, jump on this now y’all.

You don’t need a special code or a coupon. Just upload a design to you Personal Factory, select one of the materials listed below, and your material costs will be ZERO.

Let’s meet the freebies.

(Just click on the image to be taken to that material’s page in our catalog.)

From the Ponoko USA making hub we have…

Yellow Acrylic

Black & White Delrin

Medium Blue Tint Acrylic

Opal Acrylic

Green Acrylic

Red Tint Acrylic

From the Ponoko NZ making hub we have…

Whiteboard with Double-Sided Melamine Laminate

Maple MDF

Cosmo Polypropylene

Please note: Not all sizes and thicknesses of each material are free. Just check the material page in our catalog to see if the price grid says FREE.

These materials will be free until 31 December 2011 or *while supplies last*. Also, these materials are free when you make a genuine laser cut design using Ponoko Personal Factory. We will not just send you a box full of materials, and we reserve the right to cancel and refund orders which appear to be just material orders.

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I love the offer, but when I go to get an order created it sets the hub to NZ, and I can’t change it back! Any tips?

I would be interested in your maple MDF or acrylic materials.what thickness? I’m New to this site I have my parts drawn in Autocad. would that work? Thanks.

@McWong – You can read about changing your making location here:

@Paul John – you can see which thicknesses & sizes are available for each material by clicking on the images above which will take you to their catalog pages. You’ll need to use a software package like Adobe Illustrator to lay out your Autocad parts on one of our templates, ensure they’re correctly formatted and save them as a EPS or SVG:

Please update that the Opal Acrylic is sold out… I ordered with that material and it was not free.

Hi Isabelle, Opal Acrylic is still free but only in the 0.22″/5.6mm thickness.

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