Teaching your mother-in-law about 3d printing

How do you go about explaining the digital manufacturing revolution?

Talking “shop” with a 3d printing enthusiast could go one of two ways. Either an excited exchange would ensue, with wild ideas thrown about as predictions of the Next Big Thing become ever more larger than life, or, eyes glaze over as onlookers get lost in specialized mumbo-jumbo that only the most dedicated of tech heads would be able to digest.

The following article from an Australian 3d printing evangelist does a fantastic job of de-mystifying the technology that we know and love, so that even the most uninitiated of listeners will soon be jumping online to download plans for a Makerbot or RepRap of their very own.

Click through to read the summary that followed a little show-and-tell that Andy gave at a recent family gathering…

via 3d Printing is the Future

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You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion everyhrewe!

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