Mouth Molding

From Tokyo Designer’s week : Another way to play with your food

They call it a new way of eating candy. Whether or not it’s going to be the next big craze to sweep across the globe remains to be seen, but so far this project from design duo Merel Slootheer & Liat Azulay has gathered a nice little following.

Put on as a part of Tokyo Designer’s Week, the “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?” container exhibit set a mouth-watering challenge: Take a big chunk of candy on a stick and mold it with your mouth into whatever shape you like.

A light-hearted way to engage with peoples’ creativity… perhaps not up to our usual standard of resolution (it’s no 3d printing) but as you can see from the gallery, any excuse to play with your food is a whole lot of fun.

* edit: Follow the latest Mouth Molding action over on Facebook. Who knows where they’ll pop up next?!?

Mouth Molding via Monogocoro