Steam engine made entirely from blown glass

Replica Stephenson locomotive engine modelled by master glass blower

Recreating vintage technologies and all the wondrous mechanisms that they contain is a welcome challenge for DIY makers.

When a master glass blower decides to join in the fun, you know you’re going to see something special. Czech craftsman Michal Zahradník produced this fully functional steam engine back in 2008. Looking like something straight out of Wonder Woman’s propulsion laboratory, every component is made entirely from glass. It really is a work of remarkable precision –

The gap between the piston and its compartment is so small, that the water that condensates from the steam seals it shut!

Don’t feel bad if you watch the video waiting for something to crack, break or blow up. You’re not alone… however you will be disappointed. This guy knows his stuff having crafted engines, locomotives, and even model vehicles complete with suspension and articulated steering all out of hand-blown glass. More videos here.

Via Neatorama

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