The Making Of Arduino: Five Guys Walk Into A Bar…

Discover How (And Where) It All Began

Arduino. It’s a catchy, funny little word… and the Arduino we have come to know and love has had a wide-ranging impact on the world of DIY electronics.

So where did it all begin?

The five handsome devils pictured above are the guys responsible for this little wonder. Hailing from the town of Ivrea in Northern Italy, Massimo Banzi (that’s him on the right) would relax after a long day teaching at Ivrea’s Interaction Design Institute by heading down to a local watering hole, the Bar di Re Arduino. You can imagine that an enthusiastic and forward-thinking electrical engineer and his buddies would have some pretty interesting conversations when they get together over a few drinks.

Since its launch in 2005, people have used Anduino to do some wonderful things. (Check out our Arduino guide for some ideas.) Reflecting on the past few years, Banzi says that the most important impact of Arduino is the democratization of engineering.

“Fifty years ago, to write software you needed people in white aprons who knew everything about vacuum tubes. We’ve enabled a lot of people to create products themselves.”

There is a fantastic article over at IEEE Spectrum that takes a deeper look into the story of Arduino. It’s interesting reading with many insights from Massimo and his collaborators David Cuartielles, Gianluca Martino, Tom Igoe and David Mellis.

IEEE via Engadget

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So that’s where that name came from, a King that named a Bar!

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