Apps for creating custom products — Ponoko releases Personal Factory API version 2

More ways to create

As the demand for custom goods continues to grow, Ponoko is expanding the ways in which anyone can make their own unique products.

With the Personal Factory platform, we have enabled designers, engineers, and hobbyists all over the world to create custom products. Over 100,000 customer designed products have been made so far, everything from 3D printed jewelry to laser-cut clocks to CNC routed furniture. But we believe that the power of making your own stuff shouldn’t be limited to those with advanced skills in computer-aided-design.

Our solution to bridging the gap between creative people everywhere and the power to make (almost) anything is the Personal Factory App Gateway.

A home for product creation apps

The App Gateway opens up the potential for millions of people to design and make exactly what they want — with or without design skills. Ponoko has been inviting software developers to help make this possible by providing the Personal Factory API for developers to build product creation apps, and version 2 of our API is now available.

Making it happen: the Personal Factory API

The Personal Factory API puts the functionality of Ponoko’s digital making platform into the developer’s tool kit. That means we bring the instant pricing, manufacturing, and distribution solutions — you bring the awesome product creation interface.

Our API is already behind one great app success, Autodesk’s free 3D modeling and making program, 123D. The updates included in version 2 of our API make it even easier for developers to give users the power to design and make real products.

New features in version 2

“Personal Factory API 2.1 allows image files, hardware specifications, and assembly instructions to be added to products, and we’ve improved error responses to include more detailed information,” said Nahum Wild, Ponoko’s Chief Technology Officer. “And version 2.2 introduces a new simple key authentication system.”

These enhancements to the Personal Factory API enable developers to build more robust apps and more easily integrate those apps with the Personal Factory platform.

An invitation to app developers

Developers can find the Personal Factory API documentation as well as more information on building product creation apps at our Personal Factory Developer Program page.

Have a product design app completed or in the works already? You can register your app today by joining our Developer Program.

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